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I've ordered wedding shoes and they arrived 4 (!) months later.

While opening the parcel I discovered that House of Brides have sent me two left shoes.

Instead of appologizing and promptly sending the right shoe or another pair they insisted receiving the wrong pair before which prolonged the delivery time altogether to 7 (!!!) months (I had sent a picture of the two left shoes as proof)

Also, they did not pay me the money for sending the shoes back ahead but asked me to prepay the postal fees and only wanted to reimbource when having received the wrong pair.

Not only that I got my shoes too late, it also costed me a lot of nerves and time going twice to the customs, to the post office to resend the shoes etc. ... and still...I did not get an appology or some tiny present to say sorry in the second parcel...


Monetary Loss: $180.

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Dear Customer,

We apologize for any inconvenience. However, it is House of Brides policy that if an order is delivered and the merchandise is incorrect or defective, the order must be returned to our location. This is a common return policy among all retailers.

Management corresponded with you on multiple occasions confirming the incorrect order had to be returned before we could resolve the issue. However, you refused to return the shoes and delayed our resolution.

We advise customers to send the order back and we reimburse the shipping charges upon receipt. This is our policy so that we can reimburse the exact amount of the shipping. Shipping services vary by cost and location so to ensure we charge accordingly, we reimburse charges instead of prepay.

We again apologize for any inconvenience and invite you to contact Customer Relations, customerrelations@Houseofbrides.com to discuss your issue.


House of Brides

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