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I ordered two Alfred Angelo dresses on Nov 25. The next day I got an email that it won't be on time for the event.

I wrote back that I put the date I needed it, not the event date. On Nov 28th, I spoke with someone and she said it would come in by the end of March of 2012. The next day I received an email that they will look into a later date. The day after that, I got an email that they will not be receiving the order at all.

I then went to another Bridal store to see if they would price match, but they said that they couldn't price match with House of Brides because they don't even have an account with Alfred Angelo. I then did some research and found that it was true, so I found another place to order the dress and they price matched the other place by 5%, which then came out to cheaper than House of Brides anyway.

So I continued to call and leave messages to get my money back from House of Brides. I was told that someone would get back to me several times and no one called me back or even emailed me back.

I mean, they even wrote me that they will not be receiving the dress, so the refund should have been an automatic. Why would they have taken my money in the first place for something they were never getting. Still no refund and definitely not getting the dresses.

To top it off, I wrote to the BBB and they are not even accredited by them. My fault for not researching the company before purchasing.

Monetary Loss: $281.

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I am a merchant in an unaffiliated business and can tell you this is not true. You can not buy the BBB


Dear Customer,

We apologize for your inconvenience. Please contact Customer Relations at for further assistance.

Thank you,

Customer Relations

House of Brides


I've researched the BBB and many companies pay the BBB for a better rating. It's how the BBB gets their money so when you go on their it looks like they have an "A" rating when it's just the company basically paying them off to look good to consumers.

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