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DON'T GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR BUSINESS. they don't care about their customers whatsoever! i'm a bride and my mother in law (who's a seamstress) ordered a dress for my bridesmaid. once she received the dress and tried it on, she said that the dress is unsalvageable. we knew we may need to tailor to fit my maid better, but this is not a possibility.

i'm quite frustrated and worried now since my wedding is next weekend, my mother in law paid more than $250 for this designer dress, and my bridesmaid doesnt have a dress to wear! we have to start all over. my mother in law said the dress was very poorly made, like it was made by an experienced child from home ec class!

they claim it's designer but there's no way! i finally saw a pic of it and WOW, so terrible! the fabric looks cheap and not at all like in the pictures (matte/satin finish in pics, but actual dress was like cheap shiny plastic taffeta).

the torso is way too long, the dress doesn't sit on the waist as it's supposed to. my bridesmaid is tall so this has never happened before. the shoulders are wide/long up top and in the back, it's almost like the dress was made for someone who also has a "bustline" in the back too!

they pretty much took our money and could care less that it was hard earned money that we can't get back. it's amazing that i can even walk down the isle this year after my immobilizing spinal disability that kept me out of work for all of last year, and they could care less that they practically robbed me!

we paid for express shipping, extra length, and they don't feel like they owe us anything. we paid for a designer dress and got a messy bag of fabric for a dress! STAY FAR AWAY, don't waste your time or money.

i just wanted to take the time to warn other brides or anyone before this happens to more good, hard-working people.

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Thank you for your posting. I will not consider them for my wedding dress.

They will not get a penny from me. So glad I thought about checking here before I did anything :)

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