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We ordered our bridesmaid dresses from House of Brides. The original date they gave us got pushed back, which we were ok with.

But when we got within 3 weeks of the wedding and still hadnt heard from them we got worried. No one could tell us when the dresses would be available, and even though we were willing to pay for rush shipping at that point, no one would help us. The most frustrating thing was that the phone # listed on the website was just a recorded message that went around and around in circles, so you could never get through to a live person! I sent several emails, none of which were ever returned.

The only way to get thru was via their "online chat" tool, which is o so convenient for them cause they can end the conversation whenever they feel. I asked for a supervisor and was told that "she doesnt talk to customers on the phone". What kind of customer service is that??? Finally we started questioning whether House of Brides was even a real company and maybe we had been scammed, which is when we googled them and found all these similar reviews.

We finally gave in and ordered all new dresses somewhere else and paid for rush shipping because we couldnt trust that House of Brides was going to get us the dresses in time. We are 8 days from the wedding, and still never received the dresses. Dont they understand that people need to get alterations??? Delivering a dress days before a wedding is just not acceptable.

House of Brides was the worst customer service I have ever experienced!

I had to dispute the charge with my credit card to get it resolved!!! They should be put out of business!

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